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Our knowledge, creativity, agility, and achievements in live production are why the world’s top creative talent and event producers put their key events in our hands. We work with our clients across every aspect of the event eco-system to meet their most ambitious objectives.


Creative Services


Vision Isn’t Enough

Bring us your vision, and we will transform it into a brilliant event. We nurture and build on our clients’ creative ideas, providing them a compelling platform to showcase their philosophy, services and objectives. We bring visions to life and brands to action.

  • Concepts and Visualization

  • Scenic Design

  • Artist Direction

  • Show Scripting

  • Storyboarding

  • Content Development

  • Venue Selection

  • Talent Booking and Management

  • Entertainment and Variety Acts

Creative Services



Optimize Communication with Technology

We leverage technology to amplify our clients’ communication with their stakeholders and audience. We layer and integrate that technology to dazzle the audience with unforgettable experiences that are skillfully integrated with business objectives.

  • CAD Renderings

  • State-of-the-Art Audiovisual Equipment

  • Interactive Audience Participation Ideas

  • Multi-Platform Content Delivery

  • Video Capture

  • Multi-Camera Shoots and Live Editing

  • Live Web Streaming and On Demand Viewing

  • Large Format Screen Blending

  • Picture in Picture and IMAG

  • Lighting and Stage Design

  • Projection Mapping

  • Concert Sound Systems

  • Live Broadcasts




Value through Precision

There is no substitute for experience. Getting the right gear and the right people to the right place at the right time demands a mastery of planning and logistics. It’s anything but simple unless you have years of experience — and we have it!

  • Budget Management

  • CAD Renderings for Visualization and Permits

  • Comprehensive Production Schedules

  • Precise Run of Show Schedule

  • Venue Consultation and Negotiation

  • Presenter Support

  • Insurance Requirements and Certificates

  • Staff and Union Labor Coordination

  • Professional Technical Teams

  • Permit Negotiation and Procurement

  • Content Management

  • Content Delivery across Multiple Platforms

  • Venue Logistics and Facility Coordination

  • Power and Data Networking

  • Redundancy and Backup Systems

  • VIP Handling for Rehearsals, Content, Show Calls

Event Delivery


Game-changing Agility

What happens at “showtime” — after all the planning and building — distinguishes the best from the rest of the field. Our approach to production anticipates surprises, allowing us to turn an unexpected challenge into a game-changing opportunity.


Our track record is built not on what we say we can do — but on what we deliver, time after time.

  • Scheduled and Scripted Rehearsals

  • Expert Technical Direction

  • Stage Management

  • Show Direction

  • Programed Content Delivery

  • Comprehensive Show Production

  • Show Calls

  • VIP Handling

  • Maximized Audience Experience

  • Video Capture

  • Internal Communications Systems

Event Delivery
Gear & Crew

Gear & Crew


Additional Event Resources

At FPS we provide any and all production services. We have a vast array of state-of-the-art and brick-and-mortar audio, lighting, video and staging equipment. Whether you need LED Video walls, HD video projectors, a certified technician or a multi-layered multimedia production, we’ve got you covered.


Our gear is meticulously maintained, housed in easy-to-move-and managecases, and inventoried for reliable availability and delivery, all at wholesale rental pricing. Our gear and people are often “white-labeled” by the giant pro AV companies and conglomerate event-production companies.


Our value and quality is a hallmark of our reputation and a staple of our business since 1990.

  • Permanent and Long Term Installations

  • Equipment Rental

  • Extensive Inventory

  • Specialty Equipment for Unique Effects

  • Digital Consoles and Switchers

  • Delivery Options via Company Owned Fleet

  • Rigorous Maintenance

  • Highly Trained and Certified Technicians

  • Scheduled and Scripted Rehearsal Staffing

  • Specialized Technical Direction

  • Stage Management and Show Direction

  • Customized Content Delivery

  • Comprehensive Production Options

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